S2 Chillera will start in

06.10.2023 at 19:00

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We pay for your EXP!
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We pay for your EXP!

We came up with the idea to reward people who will be the first to reach the levels shown in the table below. We'll reward them with lots of Chillera Coins! Nothing easier! We only ask you to document the leveling with a screenshot from the Highscores table at the time of reaching the required level and upload it in the Ticket to our Discord server! As we always mention - we, the administration, do many things in life - and the server is only a teaser, so it's very possible that it will be hard for us to catch people who will reach this level because we may simply not be there then - so please report to Discord along with documentation. Thanks and good luck!

Level 200 - not claimed 1000 
Level 300 - not claimed 1500 
Level 400 - not claimed 2000 
Level 500 - not claimed 2500 
Level 600 - not claimed 3000 

A lot of people ask if it will be possible to transfer tibia coins between S1 and S2 servers. These are even though the cooperating servers are completely separate, but we will give such an opportunity. We can exchange tibia coins via Ticket on our Discord server 1:1 charging 15% commission. For example, if you want to transfer 1000 tibia coins - on one server you lose 1000 and on the other you get 850. This is because the servers simply have to keep up somehow! We also encourage player-to-player trading, which we personally support!

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