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To log into game - open client using file bin/client_chillera.exe.


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By this program you can unzip files like

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Boosted Creature: Askarak Prince
Boosted Boss: Darkfang
Exp Rate: Medium Stages
Server Save: Everyday at 8:00
(( Current date and time: 2024-02-27 04:08:07 ))
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412 Elder Druid
PRICE: 1700
More Information
Chillera Trailer Chillera Trailer
The greatest of S2 Chillera
1. Tixi Lvl. 1252
2. Keisy Lvl. 1150
3. Loko Lvl. 1070
4. SiostrzyczkaLvl. 957
5. PlayforfunLvl. 911
1.Loko  319.982.716 WEEKLY XP
2.Playforfun  213.424.434 WEEKLY XP
3.Knjea  158.364.750 WEEKLY XP
4.Kowall  27.306.768 WEEKLY XP
5.Taifun Devilry  513.167 WEEKLY XP
1. Oddzial Zamkniety 2 kills
2.  0 kills
1.Taras  2 kills
2.Ha Tfu  1 kills
3.Klap'ek Nike  1 kills
4.Siostrzyczka  1 kills
5.Tixi  1 kills
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