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Jingle all the way!
Some of you might have already seen winter outside...
GOD Tefcio0482 26.11.23 17:14:40
by GOD Tefcio
Summer Update 2023 and couple informations.
Hi Chillerians! 13.20 version update is fina...
GOD Tefcio0536 28.09.23 20:23:28
by GOD Tefcio
Like a rollercoaster!
Hi! Couple important changes and in...
GOD Tefcio0498 02.08.23 22:50:25
by GOD Tefcio
News in custom content!
As you may have noticed, we have rebuilt the task ...
GOD Tefcio0484 15.06.23 01:05:03
by GOD Tefcio
We pay for your EXP!
We came up with the idea to reward people who will...
GOD Tefcio0215 19.04.23 20:11:18
by GOD Tefcio side server info - Tibia 13.11 MEDIUM STAGES NO WIPE NO BOT
Hi! Analyzing your requests and feedback during th...
GOD Tefcio0197 09.04.23 17:28:08
by GOD Tefcio
Almost 7 months!
Hey! After many battles we can finally admit that ...
GOD Tefcio0101 02.04.23 21:33:48
by GOD Tefcio
There was a lot of action!
Hello! We have been devoting much more time to th...
GOD Tefcio1164 18.03.23 02:38:23
by GOD Tefcio
Little but BIG update!
Welcome to another update - this time qu...
GOD Tefcio2339 26.01.23 18:17:09
by GOD Tefcio
Stay updated!
Hi! Please forgive us for some minor lags this wee...
GOD Tefcio0245 14.01.23 20:09:49
by GOD Tefcio
We wish you a happy, healthy and chill new year 2023!
We wish you a happy, healthy and chill New Year 20...
GOD Tefcio0120 01.01.23 00:44:15
by GOD Tefcio
Have a happy Christmas holidays and New Year 2023!
Hello dear Chillerians! Guys, I wish you a lot of...
GOD Tefcio1198 23.12.22 16:26:36
by GOD Tefcio
Dear Chillerians! The time we've been waiting for ...
GOD Tefcio1353 09.12.22 15:09:21
by GOD Tefcio
Poll about the future performance of the forge system!
Hi guys! The update is very close, the forge syst...
GOD Tefcio1311 17.11.22 19:27:36
by GOD Tefcio
November plans for Bonus EVENTS.
Hi! The update with version 13.05 (including ...
GOD Tefcio0305 29.10.22 03:53:34
by GOD Tefcio
Couple words about Tournament Coins store!
Hi! The end of the month is approaching, so t...
GOD Tefcio0320 21.10.22 17:01:06
by GOD Tefcio
Community poll and quick information about next month plans
Hi! After analyzing your feedback on weekend ...
GOD Tefcio0307 15.10.22 00:28:41
by GOD Tefcio
We reward nicely decorated houses!
Hello! In my opinion, one of the parts of the old ...
GOD Tefcio0228 07.10.22 15:30:03
by GOD Tefcio
We are growing in strength together!
Hi! We are very pleased that more and more of you ...
GOD Tefcio0209 05.10.22 21:38:56
by GOD Tefcio
To make everything clear between us! <3
Hi! As the name suggests, we all came here - to ch...
GOD Tefcio0477 27.09.22 15:50:00
by GOD Tefcio
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