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06.10.2023 at 19:00

Zero Respect

Guild Information
New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

Vratti is guild leader of Zero Respect.
The guild was founded on CHILLERA.NET on 6 May 2023.
Guild Bank Account Balance: 0 Gold

Guild Members
Rank Name Vocation Level Status
Vratti (Dominando)
Royal Paladin 686 Offline
Bam Bam
Jem Bigos (RuchajPsaJakSra)
Royal Paladin 671 Offline
Elder Druid 532 Offline
Mokry Kapec (stary pijany)
Master Sorcerer 671 Offline
Zoney Ms
Master Sorcerer 505 Offline
Invited Characters
No invited characters found.